A quick weekend up to NYC in October 2016 led to a couple good finds I wanted to share. It is amazingly convenient when your cool New Yorker friends keep moving to new neighborhoods so you can explore them. Except for a visit to Central Park and the Met Art Museum, I hadn’t previously spent much time in the “real” Upper East Side. I loved trying out Eli’s Market for brunch. I got a kick out of walking around the JKO Reservoir, which is just very beautiful. I learned first-hand that exhibits at the Guggenheim are hit or miss if like my brother and me you aren’t a modern art fan, but it’s good to try new things.

I also love the concept of Open House New York. We only had time for one event, and I loved learning more about New York’s Town Hall and its history. I particularly loved that it was created by suffragists and helped a lot of immigrant families learn English and understand the importance of voting and democracy.

I also did love going to see Something Rotten on Broadway, in which Shakespeare is a Rockstar (literally) and a fortune teller’s insights lead to some truly amazing classic Broadway references. We enjoyed dinner beforehand at Print. We also enjoyed the very ’40s vibe  and delicious cocktails of the Rum House.

I also got to explore a little bit of the (Washington) Heights, which made the show so much better when I saw it this spring at Gala Theater in D.C., because my brother was renting an apartment up there. Every trip to the Big Apple is just a lot of fun.